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"25 Years of Excellence in Academics!"

Chairman Message

"25 Years of Excellence in Academics!"

Welcome to VAG Educational Group over the years we have been able to maintain an excellent standard of education with the cooperation of our skilled faculty and they enabled the students to emerge out with flying colors.

In Endeavour to deliver quality education, we emphasize on the need to establish a one to one contact with each and every student & be attentive to his/her towards the path of success.

In fact, the institute follows the student first philosophy that makes faculty members staff , administrators & directors easily accessible to all students.

Upon induction to the VAG Educational Group you become a part of a powerful force , that propels you towards success. If you were to put your best efforts then I am sure that , together we can Conquer the goal of taking you to the heights of your Professional career. Planning & Promoting your success.

Vineet Gupta
(Chartered Accountant )